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about our farm

The land we live and grow on was first referred to as Deer Creek in 2015, when stewardship of the farmland transitioned after a decade of dormancy. With community support, the landscape and infrastructure on these acres has reawakened from an abandoned chicken farm and farmhouse to a blossoming homestead community. Deer Creek is supported by a handful of full-time residents, a rotation of part-time and seasonal volunteers, as well as our Hudson Valley and global communities.

We interact with this land by growing medicinal and culinary herbs. Beyond the herb field, we also tend to chickens, cows, vegetables, flowers, sugar maples, edible mushrooms, and an establishing fruit and nut orchard.

Our community is supported by a vision of collective living and working. We are pursuing a formal transition to cooperative structures of work and equity.

We are situated on the water’s path along the Rochester Creek as it winds from Mombaccus mountain all the way down to the Hudson River. Our name refers to this water.