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deer creek herbs

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tea blends

Cool Mint - Peppermint, Applemint & Spearmint

Health and Vitality - Nettle & Red Raspberry Leaf

Relax and Restore - Lemon Balm & Chamomile

Soothe and Uplift - Tulsi Basil & Anise Hyssop


brewing guide

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Herbal infusions are strong teas, offering nutrients, delicious flavors and the medicinal merits of herbs. They can be served hot or cold and mixed into refreshing drinks. Infusion time and amount of herbs will determine the color, flavor-intensity, and medicinal benefits of the infusion. We recommend infusing herbs loosely, then straining before serving. Capping the steeping vessel will help to capture the herbs’ aromatics.


make a cup

Bring 8 ounces of water to a boil, pour over 1 tablespoon of herbs and steep for up to 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy.

make an         infusion

Bring one quart (32 oz.) of water to a boil, pour over ½ a cup of herbs and steep for 30 minutes, or up to overnight.  Strain and enjoy.

Check out our friend Dina Falconi’s recommendations on making an herbal infusion

how we grow

Maintaining the long-term wellness of this land is a guiding principle for us.  That’s why we center our farming practices around building healthy soil, which provides a fertile growing environment for our plants now and into the future. We never spray or till our beds, and all of our tending is done by hand. After a full season out in our sunny field, our herbs are immediately dried upon harvest in our custom drying shed to preserve the aromatic oils which make for a strikingly vibrant flavor. These growing and drying practices allow us to provide potent, high-quality herbs that come to life when brewed. From field to drying racks, and now to you, the intimacy of our small-scale practices is apparent in every cup.

herb field in summertime

herb field in summertime

freshly harvested tulsi (sacred basil)

freshly harvested tulsi (sacred basil)

our drying shed includes 35 handmade drying racks installed in an insulated box truck. Comfrey is pictured here drying.

our drying shed includes 35 handmade drying racks installed in an insulated box truck. Comfrey is pictured here drying.

where to find our herbs

people's cauldron logo.png

the People's cauldron

Herbal apothecary, coffee shop, art gallery, music venue, and community space. Come by for espresso or locally made medicine: elixirs, potions, oils, tinctures, and teas — now including Deer Creek herbal blends!

3669 Main St. Stone Ridge, NY
Open every day 7-5
Check them out on Facebook!

carthaigh coffee logo.jpg

Carthaigh coffee

"I eagerly look forward to meeting you and swapping stories about love, coffee, and living in nature over some delicious espresso. [We also have Deer Creek herbal teas!]"  
—Andrew McCarthy, owner & Barista

3669 Main St. Stone Ridge, NY
Open every day 7-5

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Infinite roots

Infinite Roots was birthed in 2010 as a small line of medicinal tea blends made from local, certified naturally grown, sustainably harvested herbs. Certified herbalist AnnMarie Tedeschi carefully crafts her blends to combine taste with effect, and includes a variety of herbs from Deer Creek.

traveling herbfarmer logo.png

herb farmer

Traveling the US in her mini school bus (the Butter Bus!), A.C. the Traveling Herb Farmer shares teas, tinctures, & salves sourced from independent herb farms, including Deer Creek Collective.

Check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

heart &arrow logo.jpeg

Heart & Arrow

Handcrafted Soap

A producer of unique, natural soaps and spa products in NY's Shawangunk Mountains. Some of her soaps feature Deer Creek herbs!